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It includes the date and other information about the listing of IPO shares. Retail investors can apply in SME IPOs in India by submitting an online IPO application form through their stockbroker or bank. Brokers offer UPI-based online IPO applications and the banks offer both UPI as 2016 ipo list india well as ASBA IPO applications. SME Company OwnersWe could help you get listed on the stock market. We closely track the Mainline IPO Performance of shares listed at BSE and NSE. Following reports provide the list of IPO shares listed in 2016 and gave maximum profit to the investors.

These are large companies with a minimum post-issue paid-up capital of Rs 10 crore. People seek IPO investments that earn substantial premium gains upon listing and prompt returns. Then, based on market demand, supply, company growth prospects, IPO valuation, international factors, market sentiments, and peer pricing, the listing price is chosen. A lofty ratio can be justified by Hyundai’s blistering and profitable growth in India where equity markets are frothy.

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  5. Investors can refer to the draft and final prospectus filed by IPO-bound companies to better understand the business model and assess investment suitability.

The unit would be worth two thirds of its parent’s market capitalisation. In October, Chinese package delivery firm ZTO Express (ZTO) raised $1.4 billion in a public offering. ZTO priced 72.1 million shares at $19.50 a share, which was above its target price range of $16.50-$18.50.


Compared to the ₹1.2 lakh crore raised by 63 companies in 2021, the best IPO year in 20 years, the IPO market will be elevated over ₹57,000 crores in 2022. Here’s to hoping the “IPO Window” stays open and markets continue rewarding strong issuers with great valuations and returns (and best of luck to you in choosing the best investment opportunities). Disclaimer – No content on this website should be considered investment advice. All the content offered on the website is for informational purposes only. IPO Central cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage incurred by the user as a result of access to the site and its use.

It is time to consider how the IPO scene will probably be in the context of the Indian stock market as the new year approaches. The Securities and Exchange Board of India has received many Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) filings from various organizations (SEBI). In actuality, 2021 marked the Indian IPO market’s best year in the previous 20 years. The IPO market, however, only managed to make about half (60 lakh crore) of the money it did the year before in 2022. As it happens, some winners recorded massive listing gains, and others could not impress the investors as much as expected. Every IPO has different characteristics in terms of longevity of business, addressable market, capital structure and competition.

Mainboard IPO List 2016

Unilever ULVR and Nestlé NESN receive these from their listed Indian units too. In many cases, New Delhi thinks these payments are too high and prefers companies to boost investment in local research and development. For Hyundai though, the benefits of listing its India business will probably far outweigh any challenges. The company enjoys a long-standing partnership with leading banks, ensuring a stable revenue stream and recurring business. It operates in a high-growth industry driven by increased digitisation and financial inclusion initiatives. Additionally, the IPO is strategically priced, further enhancing its appeal to investors,” says Shivani Nyati, Head of Wealth, Swastika Investmart.

Don’t forget to check IPO Grey Market and Discussion section on our site to see how other investors on Dalal Street are receiving the current IPOs. A look at the past performance of IPOs is also helpful in identifying best performing IPOs. In case you are struggling to keep yourself updated about dates of upcoming IPOs, check our IPO Calendar and export the dates to Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. The latter is coming into sharp focus as Pyongyang this week voted to scrap all economic cooperation with Seoul. Hyundai’s target valuation implies a multiple of 53 times trailing earnings for the India business, 10 times its parent’s.

Zomato posted profit for the third consecutive quarter in Q3 FY24, driven by topline growth and rise in GOV across its businesses. The share of these companies listed in the year 2016 and gave the highest return among all other IPO’s. Further, this is expected to be even more significant than any IPO in the Indian stock markets. For example, in India, following a record-breaking performance in 2021, the IPO market produced erratic results in 2022. Because of this, 2022 has not been a great year for businesses looking to go public. But unfortunately, the year was a rollercoaster for any investor tracking the IPO market.

What are the odds of getting confirmed allotment in IPOs?

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We highly recommend readers to view the listing performances along with our IPO Review and Analysis section. In case you are struggling to keep yourself updated about the new offers, head to the page on upcoming IPOs. Then there is the potential boost if Hyundai charges its unit royalty fees. Maruti regularly pays these to Suzuki for using its brand among other things.

BLS e-Services Limited, a digital service provider offering business communication solutions to major Indian banks, made a strong debut on the stock exchanges on Tuesday. The shares of BLS e-Services were listed at ₹309 on the BSE, a premium of 129% over the initial public offering (IPO) price of ₹135 apiece. On the NSE, the stock opened at ₹305, up 126% against the issue price. Indian capital market has seen a quantum jump in terms of turnover, market participants as well as regulations over the last couple of decades. However, little has gone towards bolstering participation of retail investors in the market. If the South Korean auto company achieves its target $30 billion valuation, per Reuters, a sale of 10% of the shares would make it one of India’s biggest ever initial public offerings.

An SME IPO is a way for a privately owned Small and medium enterprises (SME) company to sell its shares to the public for the first time and gets listed at BSE SME or NSE Emerge platform. Companies with minimum post-issue capital of Rs 1 crore and a maximum of Rs 25 crores are eligible for SME IPO in India. BSE SME and NSE Emerge platforms allow SME companies to raise funds and get listed at the exchange through an SME IPO.

There is no guarantee of getting confirmed allotment when it comes to IPOs in demand. The list of upcoming IPOs in 2024 is dotted with some very big names backed by venture capital and private equity firms. This latest IPO list also includes startups that are heavily funded by venture capital firms.

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You can also check out the IPO approval status of companies that have filed a draft prospectus and are awaiting regulatory approvals. The page also includes India’s IPO pipeline of the companies which are within the 12-month time frame after securing the approvals and thus, are technically ready to launch the offer anytime. IPO listing date is the date of new IPO listing in NSE and BSE (Mainboard IPO).

Local financial filings suggest the unit generates barely 7% of its parent’s revenue but its earnings surged 62% in the year to March 2023 and its net profit margin of 7.6% is rising fast too. The final multiple will become clearer when the company publishes its prospectus as local filings don’t always provide a complete picture. Maruti Suzuki MARUTI, which makes the largest number of India’s passenger cars, trades on 31 times. As per the document filed with the SEBI, the company had reserved 75% of the shares in the public issue for QIB, 15% for NII, and 10% for retail investors.

Investors can refer to the draft and final prospectus filed by IPO-bound companies to better understand the business model and assess investment suitability. You are on the home page of India’s premier IPO news and research platform. Check out our dedicated sections on Upcoming IPO Updates, SEBI Approval Status, IPO Subscription Status, IPO Review, Grey Market Movements, and IPO Allotment Status. The time period for which an IPO is open for subscription is decided by the company. As this is mostly a very short time frame, keeping track of it is crucial.

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