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Why Should Beverly Hills, CA Residents Consider UV Air Sanitizer Installation?

The air we breathe in our homes is often more likely to make us sick compared to the air outside. This is because of the limited air circulation indoors, which means household members are simply breathing in the same air all the time. One way to maintain a healthier indoor environment is to install a UV air sanitizing system to work with your greater HVAC system.

Air Planet HVAC Inc. offers UV air sanitizer installation services throughout the Beverly Hills, CA area. With new UV air sanitizing lamps installed, you can enjoy:

  • Improved heating and cooling efficiency

  • Better airflow

  • Potential savings on energy bills

  • Improved odor control

UV air sanitizers are often recommended for individuals with chronic respiratory conditions, with the potential to help more sensitive household members breathe more easily.

Factors That Need to Be Considered Before UV Air Sanitizer Installation

Any new upgrades to your existing HVAC system will need to be carefully thought out. UV air sanitizing systems are not one-size-fits-all. Before deciding to move ahead with installation, you will need to consider the following factors.

Your main indoor air quality concern

If you are mainly concerned about dander, dust, and other similar types of allergens, then a UV air sanitizer may not be the most ideal solution. We recommend looking into an electronic air cleaner or investing in a high-quality air filter. UV air sanitizers are best for households that need to treat mold, viruses, and bacteria–which is why they are often recommended for those with chronic respiratory issues.

Regular maintenance

UV air sanitizing lamps typically don’t require too much maintenance beyond the initial installation, but they will need to be replaced yearly to make sure that your indoor air continues to be sanitized efficiently.

Breathe healthier, cleaner indoor air with a professionally installed UV air sanitizing system. Call now to schedule an estimate for UV air sanitizer solutions in Beverly Hills, CA.

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