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Have fun at home while helping the environment and contributing to your community

This November, the CDC suggested we consider skipping Thanksgiving. With the spread of the COVID-19, Pandemic life is about to get more challenging. We are all suffering from pandemic burnout. It feels like we have sacrificed so much of our lives, and the loss is palpable.  It’s difficult to remember to take some time to stop and be truly grateful for all that we have.

Let’s take a few minutes to appreciate our family and friends, even if we are only getting together on zoom. Time to appreciate our warm, cozy, and safe homes in sunny Los Angeles, access to abundant food, and of course, the unlimited streaming movies and shows on demand. People certainly didn’t have that in the 1918 pandemic!!!

Our Air Planet Team would like to give Thanks to our customers. Our family wishes your family the best of everything this Holiday Season. As your neighborhood heating repair company in Los Angeles, we pledge to keep your heating working efficiently and your family warm and cozy for the holidays and all year round.

To help you get inspired for the Thanksgiving Holiday, we’d like to share some tips and ideas from your HVAC contractors in Los Angeles to have fun at home while helping the environment and contributing to your community.

Make some time to Give Back.

Not only does it make a difference when we take simple steps to help others, but it brings joy to us as well. Work with a local business or organization that could use a hand taking care of people who have been impacted by the pandemic.  Help the local food banks by lending a hand, making a food donation, or a financial contribution. Find out what the front-line workers need in your community.  Check on a neighbor. Offer to walk their dog, run an errand, or simply have a conversation with a person you know is living alone. Now is the time we need each other. You can make a difference by just giving your time.

Family Ecco Friendly Fun Projects from your HVAC company in Los Angeles

Craft Face Masks: Make some face masks for your friends, family, and co-workers.   There are many patterns online and instructions to make masks. They only require simple sewing skills. Recycled tee shirts make great masks and keep them out of the Los Angeles landfill.  All you need is scissors and a tee shirt. Get creative with fabric choices. They can be functional, funny, and fashion-forward! Donate them to your front-line workers.

Your hand-crafted masks will be greatly appreciated.

Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse: Don’t send that old desk or bookshelf to the trash heap.  Kids, is it time to redecorate your rooms? Have fun switching up your room decor by accessing your creativity. Play with a purpose. There are so many DIY videos online to inspire your choice of designs, paint choices, and materials. Pick a cool new theme for your room, and then go for it.  Create a new world to liven up your home school space while helping the planet.

Tips for Taking Care of You, The Planet and Your Community

Pay attention to your energy usage.

Now that it’s getting darker earlier and we are spending more time with our families indoors, it’s time to revisit our energy usage. In Los Angles, the energy company rewards us for using less energy during peak hours, so I end up doing the laundry at nine o’clock at night.

Here are two simple ways to save on your electric bill and help save the environment.

#1 turn off your technology when you are not using it.  I walked around the house one evening and found two televisions that were not in use, two laptops, and a video game player.

Someone had left the lights on in the garage and a fan going in the exercise room. Remember when you were a kid and your parents said” turn out the lights when you leave the room. That still applies. Also, when you leave phone and technology chargers plugged in, they are consuming power even though you aren’t charging anything. So, unplug and turn off when they are not in use.  Your pocketbook will thank you and so will the earth.

#2 Change out the light bulbs for energy-efficient bulbs. Lower your carbon footprint while reading your favorite novel. Change out the light bulbs. Replace your old bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs. These new bulbs are ninety percent more efficient and last about fifteen years. Not only do they save you money, but you won’t have to get out the ladder and start changing bulbs for a very long time.  The lower energy usage means lower CO2 emissions., lowering your carbon footprint.

Your Heating and Cooling Company in Lost Angels can help you to improve the air quality in your home

Flu season has arrived, and we are spending more time at home.  Unless it’s fire season we don’t put much thought into the air quality inside our homes. The quality of the air we breathe is critical to our respiratory health.

If you have anyone in the family with allergies, autoimmune diseases, or asthma they are extremely sensitive to the quality of the air. There are some simple steps that your local HVAC repair company in Los Angeles recommends improving the quality of the air in your home. Change the filter in your vacuum to a HEPA rated filter and vacuum frequently. This will get rid of pet dander, dust mites, and allergens.

Make an appointment with the HVAC company near you to have your furnace cleaned and your filter replaced. Not only will that improve the air quality but will save you money. When the furnace is not regularly serviced and the filter replaced, often the furnace will cycle and cycle. It will not work at optimum efficiency. Not good for the environment or your pocketbook.

Have you had your fireplace and chimney cleaned in the last few years?  You can also think about installing an air purifier. These simple and inexpensive steps will maintain the performance of your furnace and the quality of your air, allowing you and your family to have a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.

Call Air Planet, the top HVAC contractor in Los Angles. Schedule your HVAC maintenance or repair. We look forward to serving your home and commercial heating and cooling needs.

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Top Tips to Heat up your Fall. From your Top HVAC Company in Los Angeles

Well, this summer, it seemed like the Los Angeles heat waves with its 90 plus degrees temperatures would never end.  Hopefully, you got your air conditioning system maintenance done in time to handle both the heat and the air quality issues from the fires.

Luckily, the weather is finally shifting. There is a hint of fall in the air. The evenings are cooling down.  People are trading in their tank tops for their favorite hoodies and getting their cozy down comforters out of summer storage.

October is all about putting up the Halloween decorations.  It’s also time to check around the house and in the garden to see what projects you need to add to your fall to-do list.

There are chores like cleaning out the gutters and doing some fall pruning in the garden. Then there is the garage clean up you’ve been promising to get to when it finally cools down.

The folks at Air Planet, the top HVAC company in Los Angeles, want to remind you that scheduling annual fall maintenance for your HVAC system should be a top priority on your Fall To DO List.

When is the last time you scheduled a maintenance call with an HVAC company near you?  HVAC companies have trained systems experts that can perform HVAC repairs in Los Angeles for both residential and commercial heating and cooling systems.

Your HVAC unit is an expensive, complex system that requires regularly scheduled maintenance to work at its optimal best.  Do you hear your heating or cooling system cycling more than you think it should? Do you know when was the last time your filters were replaced?

Experts agree you may be squandering your money on unusually high gas and electric bills if you haven’t changed your filters or had a recent service call. Scheduling regular maintenance is way more cost-effective than having to suffer from a large emergency heating repair bill.   Don’t get caught on a chilly night or a holiday weekend having to search for heating repair in Los Angeles.

It’s time to listen to the experts and schedule a maintenance call with your HVAC contractors in Los Angeles for your home or office system.

 Here are the Top Reasons to Schedule Regular Maintenance for your HVAC Company in Los Angeles

  • Preventing costly breakdowns
  • Reducing energy bills
  • Extending the life of your system
  • Keeping you protected under warranty

Preventing indoor pollution is another critical reason to keep your HVAC system in good repair. The air quality in Los Angeles has been dramatically impacted by the fires.  Between COVID restrictions and the coming winter, we will be spending more time indoors.

Protect your family. Be safe and healthy.  Planet air will conduct a free air quality test with your maintenance or HVAC repairs in Los Angeles.

Undetectable interior gases, chemicals, and other pollutants can wreak havoc on your immune system and cause:

  • Nitrogen dioxide poisoning
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Headaches
  • Asthma
  • Eye irritation
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue
  • Some more serious pollutants can cause certain types of cancers and other long-term health complications.

If you or any member of your family are suffering from these conditions or symptoms, don’t wait to schedule your Free Air Quality Test along with your Maintenance Today. Save money…Be Healthy…Enjoy your home.

The experts at Planet Air are standing by to get the job done. We are Fast and Efficient. Fully Licensed and Bonded to make your house feel like a home again. Our work is backed by a two-year warranty for repairs and a ten-year warranty for new installations.

Give us a call at (800) 827-9257. You’ll be glad you did.

Air Planet Wants to Keep You and Your Family Safe This Fire Season.

Now that we are in the heart of fire season here in Los Angeles, the folks at Air Planet AC, your HVAC contractor in Los Angeles, want to remind you of the importance of keeping your home and the air you breathe healthy and smoke-free. The unhealthy air quality created by the fires is dangerous for children, people with asthma, breathing conditions, chronic diseases, and the elderly.  Long term effects can impact our lungs, immune systems, and overall health.

Just because the smell no longer invades your home does not mean your air is healthy to breathe. Particles from the fires, which include many toxic carcinogens, can hang around for months.

The number one question that we get at Air Planet, as HVAC contractors in Los Angeles is – “Should we run our air conditioning system during a fire?” Yes, you should!!!  Just remember to close your fresh air intake vents to keep out any smoke and contaminants.

The EPA oversees measuring and monitoring our outdoor air quality, but who is watching out for the quality of the air in our home in Los Angeles?  Actually, when is the last time you scheduled an air conditioning service for your HVAC system in Los Angeles?

It is critical to schedule an annual service appointment with your Los Angeles Air Conditioning Service company to confirm that your HVAC unit is working properly. Upgrade your filters to ensure that your system can handle the smoke.  Ask your HVAC contractor in Los Angeles to explain the MERV filter rating and choose what is best for your family.

If you are not regularly changing your HVAC filters and monitoring your system you are not getting the clean air that you and your family deserve. You are probably spending more money on your utilities than you need too!

Well-maintained air conditioning and heating systems are way more energy-efficient and less costly to run. Do you feel like your air conditioning keeps cycling but never gets to the desired temperature? Do you schedule regular maintenance with your air conditioning repair company in Los Angeles? Do you regularly change your filters?  If not …that is the sound of money down the drain!

Air Planet is an air conditioning, heating, and cooling service in Los Angeles.  They are HVAC contractors serving all of the greater Los Angeles and West L.A.  communities. They specialize in air conditioning installation, repair, and servicing of both commercial and residential HVAC systems.

Keep your family safe and healthy before, during, and after the fires in Los Angeles. Reach out to the HVAC company near you that you can trust. Call on Air Planet, top air conditioning installation, and repair company in Los Angeles.


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Red Flags that Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

Air Conditioning sign

Every Los Angeles resident, whether they have AC at home or not, knows about how stuffy and hot it can get indoors in LA in the summer, particularly if your home was built without proper AC installed. Regardless if your main air conditioner problem is not having AC or if your HVAC system seems to have gone on summer vacation, Air Planet’s experts can help you with any of Los Angeles common air conditioner problems.  

Warm Air

If you notice that while attempting to cool your home down, the AC is cycling  warm air, you may have an issue. Before you panic, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • If your unit is blowing warm or room temperature air when you’re trying to run the AC, check outside to see if the condenser is functioning, and check if the Freon Line set is cold. If not your system is low on Freon or no freon left in your system    
  • After confirming whether or not the unit is working, if only condenser fan is working & compressor not, it may be that the unit Capacitor needs to be replace with new. 
  • If it’s a power issue, check your breakers or safety switch. For example, water safety switch may be preventing the unit from turning on.

Leaking Or Pooling

It’s no secret that HVAC systems produce a little condensation, but the emphasis here is on “little”. If there is an obvious drip-down into your home or water pooling, it’s one of those signs your air conditioner needs repair because something with the coolant is off. 

The primary reason for this issue is that the condensation line has become clogged, the filter is clogged, or the freon levels are low.


A cooling cycle is when the AC engages to actively cool and cycling  air into the room. You’ll know this by the extra noise produced every so often. These cycles increase in frequency slightly on extremely hot days but should generally stick to a predictable timeframe that isn’t too frequent. Another one of the air conditioner common problems is if you notice the cycles becoming inconsistent or very frequent, this means your AC is struggling. If you’re constantly running your fan, there may be an issue with the circuit board causing it to over-cycle.

Weird sounds

HVAC systems are audible at times but should remain below the noticeable sound level majority of the time. If your AC picks up in noise levels or if it starts to make unfamiliar sounds, you may be looking at another of those air conditioner common problems we all wish didn’t exist. 

There may be something wrong with a number of internal parts that require replacement or calibration. This is definitely one of the signs your air conditioner needs repair, likely because the fan blower has become loose or is not working properly.

Unpleasant smells

Your AC’s air shouldn’t really smell like anything at all. If you notice a bad smell and track it to the AC vent, something is definitely off. Buildup of dirt, bacteria, and moisture are the most common causes of odor and a thorough cleaning may be enough to sort the issue out. 

Check the intake area and return air. Or, while fairly unpleasant, you may need to check for a dead animal in the system. The smell would be pretty obvious here, and for help removing a carcass if there is one, consider reaching out to a professional.

This is not always the case though. In some circumstances, certain add-ons such as UV lights inside the AC are needed to solve the problem permanently. 


You may have noticed more dust than usual around the house. If you think this is coming from your HVAC system, which is a possibility, it’s a sure sign the system has become dirty, the filter is clogged, and dirt has built up over a long period of time. If the duct system is damaged, it may pick up dusty from the area, as well.


If the inside of your home is uncomfortably humid then the AC is failing to moderate the outside air correctly. Modern air conditioning units are built to regulate humidity automatically, and so this is usually fine to leave as is.

Strained or no air-flow

Perhaps the most obvious of the air conditioner common problems list that needs addressing is the airflow issue, which could be for a few reasons:

  • If you notice little or no air flowing through the vents, it may mean the system has lost power connection to the furnace. 
  • Alternatively, the filter may be clogged, which can cause ice to form, and the ice then blocks the coil from letting air through.
  • The fan blower is no longer functioning, or the capacitor is not working optimally.

If any of these things happened or your AC stopped working outright, it’s always better to get a qualified technician in to investigate the issue. If your primary problem is not having AC in Los Angeles, call us today to learn more about installing an AC unit in your home.



How to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Older Los Angeles apartment with plants and clean space for maximizing indoor air quality


The better our indoor air quality is, the easier it is for us to feel comfortable at home, breathe easy, and enjoy our homes to their fullest potential. And so it comes as no surprise that a great place to start with improving your air quality is assessing your home’s HVAC. Depending on where you live in California and how old your home is, indoor air quality issues may be a recurring issue you’re battling! Here are some tips on how to improve indoor air quality and when to get professional HVAC help.

HVAC Solutions That Help Improve Air Quality 

Focus On Your AC filters

AC filters trap all sorts of dust and other unwanted pollutants from getting into the home. If well looked after, they serve their purpose well. However, it’s one of the often-forgotten parts of home maintenance, especially if you’re a renter. Over time, dust and other particles build up on the filters and when the amount exceeds what the vent can handle, it stops filtering that air and those particles are blown in. Clean your external filters every three to four months with a damp cloth to keep this from occurring. You may also want to get a professional in every six months to give your entire air conditioner a good clean inside and out for proper AC maintenance.

The Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Your home’s air ducts are similar to AC filters in that they collect dust and particles that eventually get swept into the air indoors. If your home’s ducting is over 15 years old, how you can improve your indoor air quality may be to replace that ducting with the most up to date. The EPA has found that there is no proof that cleaning your air duct can help here, however, UV light may also be an option for cleaning ducts properly. 

At Air Planet, we’re here to help you understand how a well-maintained HVAC system helps reduce indoor air pollutants caused by poor air duct flow.

Your Kitchen May Need an Extractor Fan

You might be surprised by how much indoor air pollution is generated by using your gas stove or oven. Every time you use your gas stove/oven, or even an electric alternative, you create heat that pushes contaminants into the air. This is especially true with cooking oil.

There are some pretty troubling statistics on the accumulation of ambient air pollution in homes due to cooking. The most effective way to reduce this pollution is to use vents or an extractor fan above your stove that actively sucks out the air above the stove as you cook. This will help most of the generated particulate pollution to be dispelled outside instead of remain ambient within your home. 

Steps You Can Take to Improve Air Quality Yourself

Air Purifiers

A good quality air purifier is a great way to turn some of the bad indoor air into purer, less polluted air. This is an especially good idea in areas where particulate matter levels rise above 50 consistently. Check your product instructions when you start using an air purifier, since, like an AC unit, it has filters that need regular cleaning or changing. If you fail to do so, the entire function of the machine becomes redundant and just wastes energy. If choosing a whole-home filtration system, you’ll want one that removes as close to 100% of allergens as possible from the filtered air, in addition to being able to catch particles up to .1 micron in size. 

Keep Things Clean

Plants are an easy DIY way to improve indoor air quality

Regardless of how efficient your HVAC and purifier is, dust and other pollutants will eventually make their way inside to some degree. Another great way to mitigate this is to clean regularly: thoroughly cleaning floors and surfaces from dust and pet hair. When doing so, get the dust outside or into a trash can; that’s how to improve indoor air quality. Don’t just dispel it back into the air inside! 

Source Control Is Key

Source control refers to identifying where pollutants are being generated and limiting their generation as much as possible. Gas stoves, for example, can release carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other unwanted toxins, so try to find alternatives that reduce this. If you have an excessive amount of surface area covered by rugs and other similar things, try reducing this so less dust is trapped. Essentially, identify possible sources of pollution in your home and be creative about reduction of their use or alternatives.

Greenery Is Golden

Plants take in carbon dioxide and push out clean oxygen. Keeping plants growing around the house is an inexpensive, aesthetically acceptable, and ultimately convenient answer to the question of how to improve indoor air quality at home. Plants do a great job as natural air scrubbers and they brighten up the place to. A plant or two in each room could really go a long way in cleaner, fresher air. Just remember to use a damp cloth to lightly wipe off accumulated dust on leaves that may gather dust, as well.

If you maintain your HVAC system well, clean it regularly, and repair it immediately when faulty, your HVAC air quality will remain quite clean. Couple that with some plants, an extractor in the kitchen, and regular cleaning, and you have about the cleanest indoor air quality possible! When you need help fixing your AC in Los Angeles, get in touch with our technicians at Air Planet. We are here to help!