Need Professional AC Filter Replacement Services in Beverly Hills, CA?

Trouble with your air conditioning system? Lack of maintenance is often the number one cause of AC problems–and AC filter replacement is perhaps one of the most important tasks you will need to carry out to ensure the continued efficiency of your system.

Air Planet HVAC Inc. offers professional AC maintenance services that include AC filter replacement for our customers in the Beverly Hills, CA area.

Give us a call today to request an appointment for AC maintenance and let us help you with system inspections, cleanings, and AC filter replacement in Beverly Hills, CA.

How Often Should Beverly Hills Homeowners Replace Their AC Filter?

You should plan to replace your AC filter every one to three months. Exact time frames will depend on your particular indoor comfort needs and goals.

If you have pets or smokers in the house, it’s best to change the filter every two months.

If you have household members with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, you may need to change the AC filter once a month.

For the average household, replacing the AC filter every three months is an effective way to ensure the continued efficiency of your AC system and the cleanliness of your indoor air.

Are You Using the Right AC Filter for Your Beverly Hills Home?

The type of filter you decide to use will also influence frequency of replacement. The right type of AC filter for your home should get the job done by providing reliable and consistent comfort. 

Pleated AC filters are often a good value. They are efficient at capturing smaller particles (such as dust mites, dander, and other similar allergens); they also feature a greater surface area to capture these particles, so they can be replaced every two to three months.

Fiberglass AC filters are a second option. They are more budget-friendly, but they also typically need to be replaced once a month–which may end up costing more in the long run.

No matter your indoor comfort goals, our experts are prepared to provide you with personalized recommendations and solutions to help you achieve long-term comfort.

Contact our experts today to schedule AC maintenance services that include AC filter replacement. Serving Beverly Hills, CA and surrounding areas.

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