Air Planet Wants to Keep You and Your Family Safe This Fire Season

Now that we are in the heart of fire season here in Los Angeles, the folks at Air Planet HVAC Inc., your HVAC contractor in Los Angeles, want to remind you of the importance of keeping your home and the air you breathe healthy and smoke-free. The unhealthy air quality created by the fires is dangerous for children, people with asthma, breathing conditions, chronic diseases, and the elderly.  Long term effects can impact our lungs, immune systems, and overall health.

Just because the smell no longer invades your home does not mean your air is healthy to breathe. Particles from the fires, which include many toxic carcinogens, can hang around for months.

The number one question that we get at Air Planet HVAC Inc., as HVAC contractors in Los Angeles is – “Should we run our air conditioning system during a fire?” Yes, you should!!!  Just remember to close your fresh air intake vents to keep out any smoke and contaminants.

The EPA oversees measuring and monitoring our outdoor air quality, but who is watching out for the quality of the air in our home in Los Angeles?  Actually, when is the last time you scheduled an air conditioning service for your HVAC system in Los Angeles?

It is critical to schedule an annual service appointment with your Los Angeles Air Conditioning Service company to confirm that your HVAC unit is working properly. Upgrade your filters to ensure that your system can handle the smoke.  Ask your HVAC contractor in Los Angeles to explain the MERV filter rating and choose what is best for your family.

If you are not regularly changing your HVAC filters and monitoring your system you are not getting the clean air that you and your family deserve. You are probably spending more money on your utilities than you need too!

Well-maintained air conditioning and heating systems are way more energy-efficient and less costly to run. Do you feel like your air conditioning keeps cycling but never gets to the desired temperature? Do you schedule regular maintenance with your air conditioning repair company in Los Angeles? Do you regularly change your filters?  If not …that is the sound of money down the drain!

Air Planet HVAC Inc. is an air conditioning, heating, and cooling service in Los Angeles.  They are HVAC contractors serving all of the greater Los Angeles and West L.A.  communities. They specialize in air conditioning installation, repair, and servicing of both commercial and residential HVAC systems.

Keep your family safe and healthy before, during, and after the fires in Los Angeles. Reach out to the HVAC company near you that you can trust. Call on Air Planet HVAC Inc., top air conditioning installation, and repair company in Los Angeles.

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