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Ductless/Mini Split Installation Services

A ductless HVAC unit can be the perfect way to cool an add-on or add efficient cooling to several rooms in a house that doesn’t offer existing ductwork. Hvac zoning costs are reasonably priced for the efficiency you receive, and the cost of ductless HVAC installation itself is offset by not having to run ductwork throughout your house to make use of it. This increasingly popular air conditioning choice is an easy way to increase efficiency for your Los Angeles home, and get a cool, comfortable living space wherever it’s needed.

What Is Ductless HVAC?

Ductless AC differs from central AC units in that rather than having a single large inside unit connected to ducts that distributes the air through a dwelling, a ductless HVAC unit blows cool air into only the room it is installed in. This unit is connected by wires and coolant hoses to an outside unit that operates much the same as a central air system’s outside unit. Several indoor units can connect to a single outside unit, each cooling their own zone according to their settings.

Using a ductless HVAC unit is perfect for older Los Angeles houses that may not have ductwork installed or a place to install ductwork properly. It can also be the right choice when cooling is needed for an addition, such as a converted garage, or if you have a single zone that needs to be kept at a different temperature than the rest of the house. These units are highly efficient, offsetting the cost of ductless HVAC installation, and since there is no need to run ductwork, it can take less time to get you up and running.

Create A More Comfortable Home

The cost of HVAC zoning is reasonable and gives every room the comfortable environment it needs. From cooling a single room to zone-cooling an entire house, it’s a smart, versatile choice for your money. Contact us today to book a consultation about how a ductless HVAC unit can meet your cooling needs. Get quality service that’s guaranteed from Air Planet Air Conditioning Systems now.

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