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Air Quality Filtration Systems for Los Angeles Homes

Los Angeles air has its good days and bad days, and if you’re sensitive to poor air quality, that means even your own home can provide little refuge from shortness of breath, watery eyes, or asthma and allergy attacks.

As one of the leading air filtration companies in the Los Angeles area, we’re proud to offer our customers the chance to improve their home air quality with professionally installed filtration that helps control these microscopic pollutants.

Contending with Poor Urban Air Quality

Home air filtration systems are becoming increasingly popular. The greater Los Angeles area is widely renowned for questionable air quality, owing to its position as a hub of the industrial and manufacturing world. This can leave the air hazy and filled with contaminants that lead to air quality advisories at the worst of times. At high levels, these contaminants pose a threat to even people with healthy respiratory systems, but for those whose systems are already compromised, even levels that don’t prompt an advisory can lead to serious health risks.

Air filtration systems for home use help residents lower the levels of these pollutants in their home, They draw in the same Los Angeles air you normally breathe before passing it through a filtering medium. The air that is blown out on the other side of the filter has had the majority of the particulate matter removed, giving you cleaner, fresher air. This can make breathing easier for the whole family while improving the quality of life for anyone who has existing chronic breathing issues or is otherwise sensitive to poor air quality. As Southern California becomes a hotspot for fire season at an increasing rate every year, ensuring your property’s indoor air is a safe zone is critical.

Get Better Air For Your Family

There are a lot of air filtration systems on the market, but not all are created equally. Contact us today about an air filtration system for your home. As one of the leading air filtration companies, our experts will help you find the right system for your space and filtration needs. Call to talk to an expert from Air Planet Air Conditioning Systems today.

Determining When to Call for Help for Indoor Air Quality Concerns

✅  Are you regularly waking up with a stuffy nose or noticing you sneeze more at home than outdoors?

✅  Do you leave your windows open for air flow, but notice it does little to help?

✅  Is there an odor when your system is running?

✅  Is your space being properly ventilated?

✅  Is there dust collecting in your HVAC system that may be affecting your health?

✅  Do you have indoor allergies?

✅  Are you coughing or sneezing indoors with no attributed illness?

Whatever the problem… we’ll fix it.

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