Annual HVAC Seasonal Maintenance Checklist -

To make sure your system lasts as long as it should, here is an HVAC maintenance checklist that’s simple to follow:

    • Check & Change You Air Filters As Needed – Air filters should be checked every month and changed when they are dirty. These filters capture dirt and debris, helping to improve your indoor air quality & safeguard your HVAC. If left unchanged, debris may damage your appliance, requiring a new installation, and your HVAC will work inefficiently, costing you money.
    • Check Your Thermostat – Proper functioning of your thermostat will keep your HVAC system from working overtime. Ensure your batteries have power and the settings are working as they should. This keeps you from wasting energy and increases your overall savings.
    • Check For Excessive Moisture – Monitor the lines that run to your outdoor condensing unit. Lack of insulation will produce excessive condensate and humidity. Also, be sure to check the condensate line on your indoor unit. All moisture should be properly managed.
    • Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance – Schedule your service today with a phone call or by submitting the form below. Our professionals will give your heating and cooling system a tune-up, preventing future HVAC issues or breakdowns, and conserving your energy costs.

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